Love and Loss

I understand the pain of loss. It cuts me deep in the heart. I feel it settle in my heart as I am reminded of the fact that nothing is eternal. Things change, time moves on. There is no point holding onto the past. I have to move forward and find hope from within. External sources are ever fleeting with no guarantees. It is difficult to constantly suffer loss, you never can experience fulfilling joy. When you experience loss of love at a young age, there never is another that can fill that space. It stays with you through out your journey in this world. There are different types of love in this world, some can be replaced or renewed whilst others can be upgraded. Life is always giving and taking things back. It’s the reason why I give my all when I love. It’s the reason why I cannot allow others that are close to me to go through the pain that I feel everyday. It’s the type of pain that builds strength but it can be lonely. Loneliness can devour you to the point where you feel there isn’t much left to live for. But every time I meet a new soul and connect with them, I feel this fulfilment within me because I would have helped someone else find joy. They too bring me joy, even though it’s temporary, it’s still worth it.