Why can’t I understand feminism?

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about feminism. How women don’t get paid equally, how women are sexually objectified, how women have to strive more than guys. Is it me or am I being ignorant to my gender? I mean I haven’t experienced any of that in my life, I really hope that I don’t. 😅

I just think to myself, ever since I started working have I been getting a low pay because of my skin colour or my gender? I rarely ever consider that to be honest, if you need something done you have to put in the effort. I wouldn’t stay in a job I felt was just being discriminatory against me. So how come other people stay? I mean if someone won’t treat you right you don’t stay and ask them to change because the chances of them changing are really small. People were raised differently, not to say that it’s right to exploit someone or discriminate but has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe it works for other people?:( That’s not talking about work though, if you put the effort required I don’t see why someone shouldn’t respect that. It’s really difficult looking at feminism, because there’s so many things that they stand for which don’t make sense but just have to stand for. I mean if you’re not with them, you’re against them, I hate this notion when it comes to organisations and groups. I do support equality in every aspect but I think I’ll take my husband’s name when I get married because I just want to.😍 I guess from a different angle that can be considered as unfair, why should women take their husband’s name, but how is it unfair if it is my choice. Where is the so called equality then, should I live up to all expectations of this disease called feminism or should I follow my heart in equality for all?

I do believe women have come a long way since the earth was created just as men have.:mrgreen:  I mean it’s a curse and a blessing to be human at times. I sometimes look at animals, do they ever think that, oh my gosh, we should start a movement against the opposite sex because we feel we’re not appreciated enough? 😂The problem with us humans is that we just want power. I always think everything is built around women, women this, women that. I mean sometimes I wonder if we can be satisfied. I won’t speak for men because I’m not a men, but from my perspective I think if I was a man, I’d definitely be in an awkward situation with women every time.😱


People tend to forget that it was nature that made women like this. I mean you can’t really say that all those years ago women felt they were just pieces of property. I doubt they felt that way, at least not all of them. Then they came one woman who thought to herself, “I can be way better at running the country, these men just don’t satisfy the views of women.” I agree in a way, I mean they’re men, haha. So she thought, “I can’t do this alone, I need to influence someone to help me, or maybe find that one girl who can stand beside me no matter their views.” So they stood against men and the woman became the leader of that community or whatever. But then that girl she had recruited thought to herself, “hm I wonder how much I can push these men and women.” She’d always wanted to get back at her father for treating her mother like that so she thought, you know what, “I bet we can live better off without men.” So she found like minded people and made a march against different stuff that brought justice to her. As she grew stronger she began to demand more. Hatred flared across the country, people taking sides, hatred started spreading, selfishness sipped into the culture and things started deteriorating ever since. 😐

I think we’ve lost the meaning of what’s important in life. Some people always blame religion for all things that happen to women, to marriage and morals. People think to themselves, oh the bible is just a book that has served way past its period. I mean I don’t care if someone is religious or not, morality is common sense so why are we trying to fight our ethics?😓 Women should obviously have the same freedom as men, so should men have the same freedom as women. Everyone has seem to lost what’s important, I have to say that even I can be a bit biased if that’s the word. All I’m saying is that we should at least be trying to work together not be better than each other. We can never be better than each other only better than ourselves because you may think, yes I am the manager of a successful company, but there’s that someone who is a president of a kinda successful country haha.😂😂

I guess what my main point is, is  following a particular movement a good thing? Everything has its flaws, we should at least try to examine stuff and see if they actually make sense for a better world, because if it’s a better world then it’s a win win situation rather than it just being with particular people.


Let’s strive to achieve success and freedom but in a way that brings peace to people. I’m not preaching anything just thinking love and compassion are underrated in this society of ours.

Why do people complicate everyone else’s life?

I have wondered for weeks now, why can’t people just be, without insisting on everyone else to join them?

See, it all came about with this gloomy mood that I’m feeling. I found myself questioning my values and morality. I just could not make any sense of stuff, I’m still trying to. I say that i don’t know but all of a sudden, I’ve realised how this world is changing so fast, and in my mind, it’s the worst. How many people talk about getting married these days, having one sexual partner at a time, being in relationships? It does not stop there. It be not even the beginning of it. I mean how many people always want to walk around naked or wear revealing clothes? Those who think having a big tushie is the only thing admirable or that being of a healthy weight is somewhat a bad thing? I mean I am skinny, I eat so much you won’t believe it, and then you have my friend, she’s big, she eats the same much as I do. I mean it’s in my genes and a bit of stress keeping me like this, in a way I’m glad, but she doesn’t have the same genes. It’s not my fault she doesn’t, so I’d ask her to keep in check of her diet, but would it be fair? Well my friend may think to herself that I’m just being spiteful towards her, and she might insult me. Really, I love my body, screw all the celebs that talk bad about my skinny body!

Okay that’s not the reason I am writing. I actually do not know any more, but I’ll keep on writing anyways.  I find it weird that people are now more accepting of these ridiculous things. I mean, where have our values and standards gone. Whoever came up with feminism, well, it was great, but now it’s a bit too much. I’m grateful women can vote but I do not have to walk around nude to feel empowered, anyways what is empowerment?  I see no men saying they feel empowered by walking around unclothed, I mean there’s a big difference between women’s breasts and men’s chests, yep we don’t usually say men’s breasts, do we? So why are women walking around naked?  You know what maybe I’m just going overboard, I mean it’s their bodies not mine so I think i should just let them be even though I prefer covering my breasts, that’s my empowerment.

I also wonder why people these days are so against everything. I mean people just want to oppose everything, even nature. I mean, “why should women be the sole ones giving birth, huh, men should have ovaries as well,” I mean seriously I think our generation is the most stupid generation that will ever exist.  Science and technology have done good for the world but have also brought a downfall on values and standards. I mean people have one-night stands like it’s normal. Maybe it is? Naah, and they just go about cheating or leading people on. I have great faith in true love and relationships and marriages that work, society don’t take this away from me. Okay maybe I’m being a little bit too dramatic. However, come on, people are trying to stop prostitution, but I reckon it’s better, at least the women know they’re worth something instead of going around sleeping with every Jack and Jill like sex has no meaning. Yes, we are a heedless generation. Maybe that should have been my title.

On a serious note, people seem more divided these days than they were a century ago, and the sad thing is, it’s silly things that have come to destroy humanity. I mean we’ve fought for the noble things, votes, equality, peace (in most places), and all that. So why have anyone keep fighting? We should spread all this equality and freedom around the world instead of just coming with pathetic things that keep us apart. People in Africa are dying because of terrorism, but no, women being in power is much more important, no they fought for equality not power!!

We should concentrate on being united in our differences. I mean, people can do what they like but stop trying to influence the world to accept your nonsense, have your nonsense in peace and quiet, similar people always find you, no worries.  We must try to be less judgemental if we really live in an equal society. I just thought to type this post. It’s very random but if you like it, it’s well appreciated, if not, oh well there’s always going to exist, that person. Even I play that person sometimes. So, think of yourself for a moment and see if really you are conscious of your values and standards according to you and whether you actually are around similar people or are you just a blind follower?