Artificial Intelligence, Change and the Future!

Oh boi, my favourite topic at the moment, NOT. Hm let’s see, do I hate A.I, no I don’t. Having said that I think the world is moving too fast for people to comprehend, or for me to comprehend. Firstly, what will we do when A.I take our jobs? Well nobody seems to care, I don’t understand why they don’t. Most of the jobs that are going to be replaced are low skill jobs. So it means if you want a job in the future you have to go back to university and do something that is guaranteed to keep you occupied and earning a living when the A.I take over. It’s funny because people are walking about the streets and watching movies about these things but they still believe they’re above it all. Maybe they think that they’ll start a blog, or be trained to do another job. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but companies are looking for ways to reduce expenses not increase them. And starting a blog is so hard, trust me I know. So why are people not being proactive about it. Do they think their bills will be automatically paid, no, robots are expensive, it’s not like we’ll wake up one day and they’ll be all over the place tending to our needs. No it’s going to be a long process that takes years. So in the meantime what will you be doing, living off a pathetic pension? We should wake up and deal with the facts that A.I is coming whether we like it or not and we have to plan ahead because the government is only going to do so much for us.

At the same time people should be making themselves heard. Companies want to use A.I for almost everything but how many people really care about the way the future is going to turn out? Yes A.I is going to be helpful but how much of this A.I do we need in our lives? I see people making decisions for me that quite frankly I wouldn’t have made in my right mind. What happens when A.I systems are driving our cars, telling us what to do and when to do it. What sort of world will that be? Will I have the opportunity to think for myself or is everything going to be A.I controlled? People say it’s inevitable but is it really? We have a choice as to how the future turns out. I am all for change but only if both the pros and cons are put to the light. How do they hope to deal with the cons of having A.I systems in our lives or is it just something they hope to ignore until it’s too late.

Our world is changing. Companies are trying to create robots to reduce their expenses and workload instead of investing in pressing matters such as environmental changes. Why can we not concentrate on the environment for a second because if we don’t there won’t be any companies to use the robots in the future the way this world is going environmentally. People in Africa and other places don’t have water or food, why not create machines to help with that? Yeah sure Africans need to be more ambitious but they still need help to get to where First-World countries are. We are surrounded by a lot of water yet we suffer with thirst. Polar bears are going extinct, yeah they’re just animals but they’re not the only ones. One day they’ll be gone, and then it will be us, because if we cannot find the brain to start saving our planet now, what will make it different in the future? What if it will be too late? They talk about going to inhabit other planets but how many people would actually afford that luxury, then next thing you know it’s Elysium, only in real life.

People are just stuck in their routines and not taking part in this life. I do that sometimes and it’s really pathetic. We forget we’re part of a big universe. Environmental changes are affecting our whole earth not just the southern hemisphere. We might not see it readily but our world is changing. What are we going to do about it? What sort of future are we building because so far it doesn’t seem impressive. Yes we have the coolest gadgets but what’s the point of Siri if someone out there is starving and thirsty? Think about that, our world needs us and we have to make a stand.