Trust is something hard to come by. How do you trust someone as human as you? If you do trust, will it be worth it.

What makes a person trustworthy? I ask because I find that people toss around that word without really thinking what that word means. Someone may ask me to trust them, why should I put my heart on the line like that? Are people really that easy to trust, and what happens when they break that trust? Why do people need trust to establish relationships if they know that the person will one day break their trust?

I am loyal to myself hence the reason why I don’t trust just anyone. Why do people get put off if you try to test them before you trust them? Isn’t it natural that I would want to protect myself. Life is too short to give myself away to anyone who asks  for my trust. Trust to me means that I am giving my soul to the person I’m trusting. I understand that people make mistakes but do I trust that the person will be upfront when it comes to confessing their pitfalls. I know that I find it difficult to admit it, but I do it out of my self-values of honesty. How many people believe in honesty these days? How do you trust someone who is a liar? I don’t live in a court so I’m not going to swear everyone on the bible when I ask them a question.

I hurt so easily and have high standards. I understand the world from my perspective because it’s the only set of eyes I was given. When I think about a blind person, I wonder why they trust people will lead them to the right location. How can someone who doesn’t see do that, is it because they have no other option? Do they believe that people are good? Do I believe that people are good, and if I don’t, why don’t I?

I love my pet, I trust it. I understand that it will act instinctively every time, but humans are not like that. They are unpredictable and if one person says one thing, doesn’t mean that everyone will say it. People have different motives in different situations. I can’t  trust, I really can’t but there’s nothing wrong with trusting someone. I guess it’s what makes living in this world a little easier. If we didn’t trust each other then we’d be plotting against each other at every turn. Our world would be more chaotic than it is. I try to compensate my inability to trust with compassion. That is one thing I’m able to do regardless of the person, I guess some people just aren’t meant to be able to trust. Maybe one day I’ll find someone worth trusting but until then I will keep myself out of harm’s way, whatever harm means.

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I am a girl who has a lot to say and most times I say those things. I don't have the fanciest life but I know I'm getting closer everyday. I enjoy life. I hope to spread the word, starting with you. 😉

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