Staying grounded

I have been thinking to myself lately about how sometimes we forget who we are because of society and peer pressure. Chasing after things that in reality aren’t very useful in our journey.

Such things as movies, fashion, holidays and even educational merits. The year is ending and for most people it’s a time to look back and evaluate on our lives.I really don’t like this time for a lot of different reasons. One of them is how everyone is all about comparing achievements. Oh, so and so went to Iceland, well the other learnt how to speak Mandarin. Have you watched the latest season of this, have you been promoted, I bought a new house, well I achieved my Masters degree? Honestly, we all do it; it’s just something that’s been ingrained in our brains. We can’t help but try to keep up with the Joneses. Well, most of us have done this a lot this year, I know I have; but has it been worth it?

To me it hasn’t, this year I noticed that most of my stress came from trying to please everyone but myself. I became so driven by what other people were doing that I lost sight of what was important to me. I don’t need to have a Mercedes to be happy, public transport is as good as owning a car. I stopped myself from achieving my goals because I thought I wasn’t perfect enough to do it.I was paralysed, thinking to myself that I just wasn’t good enough. I have wanted to start playing Assassin’s Creed for such a long time, but I gave up on that because things didn’t want to come together. I almost gave up on that idea. I mean they keep releasing new games, I felt like just letting it go since my friends were all up to date. I was so caught up in the details that I couldn’t see the bigger picture. How many things that we do are actually taking us forward, and how many things are just unnecessary stresses. Can we really afford to waste our time and money on wasteful things?

I love indulging myself on the good things in life, because sometimes it’s okay to enjoy dining at an expensive restaurant. Doing it every day, whilst earning peanuts, just isn’t worth it. Especially when you’re just doing it for the approval of others. I vow to myself that moving forward I will only do for me. I will spend my time and money on things that are worth it. I am the one who feels happy or sad in my circumstances, not others, so I will let them have their lives. I will be realistic and follow my path regardless of what people say. There will come a day that I will be put to eternal sleep, and I hope when that day comes I would have lived to the most of my capabilities.

Enjoy the last days of this year and cherish them for we will never get them back. Getting into the new year, I hope that we follow our dreams and live our lives to the fullest.

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