Hope for the Better.

When you realise that life is so terrible because you made it that way. You start to forget the little good things that were once part of your life. It’s important to never give up but then sometimes it’s just so hard to cope. You find so much sorrow in your heart. You remember the friends you used to have and how they were able to slip away from your life so easily. So you think about the future and a sudden shudder of despair takes over you. You notice the reality of life, that if you don’t deal with this as soon as possible, you might just end up in a grave that you dug up for yourself.

It’s difficult to blame anyone but yourself. There’s no use in blaming, it just creates more complications and leaves you stagnant. You really wish something better would come along and make you happy. But you have to work for that something obviously. It won’t just fall on your lap. Maximum effort is required. You go to your doctor and ask for medication to help you achieve said effort. It’s a matter of cause and effect really. So now you’ve been taking these pills for a week, you’re tired. Your body is tired and complaining to you. It likes the idea of getting better but it just doesn’t like feeling worse. The side effects are slowing you down, but you need to keep taking them. You want to find your happy, so bad you would do anything for it.

Life is complicated but you keep fighting. You have hope for tomorrow. Surely misery is not the reason you were put on this earth. No, you were put on this earth so that you could grow and contribute something great to the world. It might be a small great thing or a huge great thing, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s great. So look towards the horizon and watch the sun rise from its slumber. You know this is exactly where you’re meant to be.

Life only gets better…….

…….. It has to.

Life without YOU.


I felt it,

I felt it as it coursed through my veins,

The excruciating pain moving through my body,

I’ve never felt so much sorrow.


It hits me right then,

All that I’d ever felt was real,

I couldn’t live another second without you,

The silence is eating me up,

Not hearing from you,

Not touching you or feeling your presence,

I couldn’t go on without you.


Everything ceases to make sense,

Everything is dull,

The life you gave my world,

All taken away into some darkness,

That devours like a hungry beast of hate,

I feel it as the days go by,

I need you,

Without you my heart bleeds forever.


I forget what it feels like,

To have emotion becomes like a thing that never existed.

I try to be interested,

I try bright colours,

I try positive affirmations,

I try humour; song; friendship,

Nothing does help.


Will my life be ever so empty,

Will I ever feel…,

Feel whole again?

Time holds me here,

Only you can heal me,

Only you can make me alive again.

But only I will continue wondering,

When will you realise?

Will you ever and so,

I send my heart to you,

My heart holds my hope,

And I wait in hope,

For it to bring you back to me.